Ensuring the greatest possible
protection of the environment

Environmental Leadership

The Belledune Port Authority has environmental management systems in place that use the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14,000 as a model to ensure the greatest possible protection of the environment.

By developing effective management systems based on sound principles and measures, the Port of Belledune has been able to successfully avoid and prevent harm from befalling the environment.

Green Marine Certified

Green Marine’s environmental program offers a roadmap for port authorities, terminal operators and shipping lines to voluntarily surpass regulatory compliance. The comprehensive program addresses key environmental issues using 12 performance indicators that include reducing air emissions, minimizing community impacts, and demonstrating environmental leadership.

Green Marine Certification Policy

The port conforms to all changes in any applicable rules and regulations and takes its role in safeguarding the environment seriously at all times.

The port also conforms to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) e.g. MARPOL and IMDG Code guidelines. Issues such as oily waste reception, garbage, sewage, and the handling of chemicals and hazardous materials come under the guidelines to which the port stringently adheres when and wherever possible.

Environmental Assessments for the Belledune Port Authority may be found at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Furthermore, the port and its clients are subject to numerous Acts and regulations including:

  • Canada Marine Act
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Canadian Shipping Act (including marine pollution)
  • Canadian Shipping Act (including marine pollution)
  • Fisheries Act
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